Shatrov Sergey, Medical doctor, Homeopathic Doctor, Neuropsychologist

Was born at Tomsk link, USSR at 1964 year
Graduate school at 1980 – at Tomsk USSA (link)

Graduate Tomsk Medical Institute as therapeutic doctor at 1987 ( link)

Graduate Cardiologist internship at Novokuznetsk State Institute for Advanced Training of Doctors at 1988 (USSR) (link)
Specialization at epidemiology at Moscow (1989-1992) link )
Worked as cardiologist and epidemiologist of epidemiology of noncommunicable diseases, from 1988 till 2005  at Tomsk Scientific research institute cardiology link 

At 2001-2003 years studied homeopathy at USA – remotely under personal tutorial of naturopathic and homeopathic doctor at Maryland, USA
At 2005 graduate homeopathic specialization at National Medical Research Center for Rehabilitation and Balneology of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation as postgraduate education for medical doctor link
Also had homeopathy specialization – Vithoulcas center, 2006 year Alonissos, link; Shankaran center 2008 and 2012, Mumbai link, course of CEASE-therapy at Moscow 2019 (Tinus Smiths) link,
Attend lot of homeopathic seminars like Jeremy Sherr at Moscow 2010, Dr A. Pareek and R.S. Pareek at Moscow 2008, Jan Scholten at 2008, 2017 years, etc.
Member of World Institute for Sensational Homeopathy link
Member of Russian Federation homeophatic society link
Worked as therapist and homeopath from 2005 till 2017 at Medical Center Iris, Moscow link
At 2017-year graduate two ears postgraduate specialization as Clinical Psychologist with specialization as neuropsychologist link
From 2017 work as Homeopathic doctor (classical homeopathy) and as neuropsychologist (SDVG, autism specialization) at Medical Center Iris, Moscow link

Publication (my English publication only):


The second antismoking campaign in the Tomsk region / I.N.Konobeevskaya, I.A.Trubacheva, S.V.Shatrov, R.S.Karpov // Tobacco or Health : Abstracts 2nd Eur. Conf. - Spain, 1999. - № 513.
“Quit and Win 98” in Tomsk: Participant description / I.A. Trubacheva, S.V. Shatrov, I.N. Konobeevskaya // Tobacco or Health : Abstracts 2nd Eur. Conf. - Spain, 1999. - № 304.
Prevalence of smoking in unorganized population as a marker of coronary heart diseases risks / I.A. Trubacheva, S.V. Shatrov, O.A. Perminova // Tobacco or Health : Abstracts 2nd Eur. Conf. - Spain, 1999. - № 788.
The Epidemiology of Tobacco Consumption in the open adult population of the West Siberian medium urbanization town / S. Shatrov,I. Trubasheva, O.Perminova // Abstracts 5th Int. Conf. On Prev. Cardiol. - Osaca, Japan, 2001. - M152.


Case of Opium prescription. Lonavala International Conference, India, 2010, Shatrov S.